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About Rigaku

Analytica Expo 2016

" Analytica Expo" has become a common place of the annual meeting for both experienced users of Rigaku equipment for discussions of the current operation of the equipment and its capabilities and new Customers - to select the optimal model of the X-ray diffractometer and X - ray fluorescence spectrometers for analytical tasks of industrial and scientific research laboratories

Supply and maintenance of the equipment of Rigaku Corporation — a world leader in the production of high-performance X-ray equipment for solution of analytical tasks of science and industry.
X-ray diffractometer SmartLab, Ultima 4, MiniFlex for qualitative and quantitative phase composition, texture analysis, definitions of various defects, portable analyzer of residual stresses SmartSite RS;

- X-ray fluorescent spectrometers Simultix, Primus, Supermini for the elemental analysis of various materials. Spectrometers are used for input control of raw materials, control of technological materials and products.

- Spectrometers of total external reflection for the elemental analysis of the surface and the surface layer of the sample .

- Systems for the study of protein crystals

The specialists of our company develop and implement projects on automation of quality control processes from sample preparation to automatic analysis in the laboratory.

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