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A one-piece multi-use UHD digital camera, the new UHL-43 employs the same 4K-native sensors as the UHK-430/435 ‘Unicam XE’ series cameras, and achieves the same performance. The camera employs the same operational workflow and remote control structure as Ikegami’s UHK-430 and UHK-435 models. With its compact one-piece form factor, it is ideal for POV applications such as robotic studio production, sports, traffic and weather coverage and video surveillance. 4K signal outputs available from the UHL-43 include 3G-SDI Quad Link and 12G-SDI, allowing flexible system integration.


The UHL-F4000 is a 4K/HD 3CMOS Multi-Purpose separate optics 2-piece camera, featuring a compact, lightweight, and low power consuming camera head (optical block), which makes the camera especially well suited for helicopter camera applications. As the succeeding model of the HDL-F3000, the F4000 is newly equipped with Global Shutter CMOS sensors, which capture natural images completely clear of geometric distortion during still frame analysis and flash band effects. The F4000 is also newly capable of outputting 4K and Cutout HD images, but its significant low light capability has been passed down from its former model. Additional improvements in its image processing functions such as Variable Contrast Control, Image Sharpening Function, and Digital Zoom Function (from 1.1x to 10.0x) will broaden the F4000’s usage.


The HDL-45 Multi-purpose Compact HDTV Camera provides superior picture images


Ultra Low-light Multi-Purpose Compact Camera


3CCD Multi-purpose HDTV Camera System
The HDL-F30 is a top-of-the-line multi-purpose compact 3CCD HDTV Camera equipped with high resolution 2.3 Megapixel AIT sensor. The HDL-F30 offers super high sensitivity, starting with F10 sensitivity sensor, and offering +54dB gain up, Column Adding, and Frame Accumulation functions. The super high sensitivity combined with a Digital Extender feature make the HDL-F30 ideal for airborne gyro stabilized ENG and law enforcement use. Also the Horizontal Reverse and Line Delay features will support 3D video production.


Super High Sensitivity 3CMOS HDTV Camera

HDL-4500 is a Super High Sensitivity 2/3”3CMOS HDTV Camera, achieved minimum illumination 0.001lux/F1.4 (60fps). It employs the same digital processing LSI(ASIC) as standard broadcast studio cameras, achieving high resolution and accurate color reproduction under day time and normal lighting conditions. With its compact one-piece form factor, the camera is suitable for various POV applications such as a traffic and weather camera, as well as, a wide range of surveillance applications.


Full Digital Subminiature 3 CMOS HDTV Camera HDL-23

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