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The HDL-45 Multi-purpose Compact HDTV Camera provides superior picture images

Native format Capability
It provides outstanding picture quality in native format using either 1080i CCDs or 720p CCDs(HDL-45P).

The latest 14-bit A/D conversion
14-bit A/D converters provide precise picture images from dark to highlight areas, especially maximizing the color gradation for dark areas, achieving natural color reproduction in black.

Compact and Light Weight Construction
Weighing less than 4 lbs., various applications are possible including traffic & weather camera, overview camera on a pan & tilt head, under-water craft, airborne use, surveillance, and POV (Point Of View) applications for accurate capture from lively exciting angles in the field.

Built-in Servo Filter / ECC (Electronic Color Compensation) filter
The 4-position Optical Filter can be remotely controlled from a remote control panel. Adopting ECC filter (3200k/5600k) gives proper white balance without reducing sensitivity, a benefit under high color temperature but low light conditions such as dawn and dusk. The ND filter and ECC filter can be independently controlled.

Lower noise when gain up
Employing a low-noise feed-back type amplifier circuit in Master gain up, as well as, providing noise cancel circuits in all video related boards, eliminates noticeable noise and obtains a better signal-to-noise with high gain up.

Various External Sync support
In addition to HDTV Tri-Sync signal, SDTV BBS signal can be used as an external sync signal for genlock. Extended system flexibility FE-C140SE fiber extension system and MCB-40 multicore system are available as options, providing extended system flexibility for a wide range of video production demands.

Full Remote Control
The HDL-45 has full remote control capability from the complete range of Ikegami remote control panels. With matching pictures, the HDL-45 works with the same OCPs and control systems as Ikegami's HDK studio cameras. (*Except for EU Market)

Advanced full digital process ASIC
Incorporating an advanced full digital process IC, precision designed at 0.18um rule, the video signals are digitized with 14-bit A/D conversion and up to 38-bit internal digital process circuits. Digitizing white shading, gamma, and other correction processes in the camera head achieves superb picture quality and high reliability. Chip C4 DSP ASIC, originally developed for HDK-series cameras, incorporates advanced color reproduction and detail enhancement features, including Skin DTL.

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