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ZSX Primus II

The new ZSX Primus II features an innovative optics-above configuration. Never again worry about a contaminated beam path or down time caused by sample chamber maintenance. The optics-above option eliminates cleaning worries and increases up time.

With all the great features of the ZSX series - dual vacuum system, automatic vacuum control, Mapping/Micro Analysis, superior ultralight element sensitivity, automatic flow proportional wire cleaning, along with the best software package presently available, the tube-above option now completes this instrument series.

The ZSX Primus series provides aggressive performance with the flexibility for analyzing the most complex samples. The 30 micron tube, the thinnest end-window tube available in the industry, guarantees that light elements are easy and clear to interpret. Combined with the most advanced mapping package to detect homogeneity and inclusions, the ZSX Primus II is heads above the competition. With a smaller footprint than other full size XRF instruments, the ZSX Primus II is ready to meet the challenges facing your lab in the 21st century.

Features and benefits include:


  • Analysis of elements from Be to U
  • Smaller footprint: requires less valuable lab space
  • Micro Analysis: analyze samples as small as 500 µ
  • Tube-above design: Particulate matter will never fall into the analysis path
  • 30 µ tube: best light element performance in the industry
  • Mapping: elemental topography/distribution
  • He seal: sample chamber is always under vacuum
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