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Unicam XE Series UHK-430 4K Ultra High Definition 3CMOS Digital Camera System

First in Ikegami's next-generation Unicam XE series, the UHK-430 employs three newly-developed 4K-native 2/3 inch CMOS sensors which provide full 3840 x 2160 ultra-high definition resolution plus the depth of field required for studio and outdoor production. The camera is equipped with a B4 bayonet mount compatible with 2/3 inch HD lenses. An optional SE-U430 expander accommodates large studio or OB lenses.

• 2/3" 3 CMOS native 4K sensor
• Conventional B4 mount lenses
• No colour aliasing due to 3 chip technology
• Flexibility with swappable optical blocks
• Future expandibility
• 16 axis colour matrix and focus assist
• Ultra wide-bandwidth fibre transmission
• 4K/2K simulcast operation and HD cut out of the 4K picture
• Various interfaces like Quad 3G-SDI,12G SDI, VoIP, Gigabit ethernet data trunk
• Wide colour space and HDR
• Compact, lightweight and userfriendly


2/3" 3 CMOS native 4K sensor
Newly developed 2/3 inch 4K-native (3840 x 2160) 3x CMOS sensors that delivers real-4K resolution.

Conventional B4 mount lenses
В качестве адаптера используется байонет В4, совместимый с ral 2/3 inch bayonet lens mount with compatibility to conventional 2/3 inch HD lenses.

No colour Aliasing
Three-chip optical technology ensures no colour aliasing which is always an issue in single-chip cameras.

Flexibility with swappable optical blocks
Two piece construction allows the UHK-430's sensor and lens head to be detached as a compact unit for easy deployment on a support devices such as long-reach manually-controlled camera poles. In this mode, the head can be operated up to 50 metres from the camera body.

Future expandibility
The Docking design of the UHK-430 and the possibillity to swap the optical block to an optional assembly like 35mm 4K Sensors or High frame rate sensors creates a flexible and future proof camera design. Optional assembly is available in the year 2017.

16 axis colour matrix and focus assist

Ikegami’s new ASIC delivers full functionality including 16 axis colour matrix and focus-assist for 4K and HD video modes.

Ultra wide-bandwidth fibre transmission
Built-in 40Gbps optical transceiver enables full bandwidth of 4K resolution signals transmission between camera and CCU enabling full colour space in 4K, RGB 4:4:4; to create super high quality Chroma key signals. Simultaneous output of HD QTV x 2 lines, HD and RET x 2 lines is possible at the camera head.

4K/2K simulcast operation

An optional plug-in board makes 4K video, HD video, and HD cutout from 4K available simultaneously.

Various interfaces
Next to Quad 3G SDI also 12G SDI, Gigabit Ethernet Data Trunk line and Video IP Interfaces are available.

Wide colour space and HDR
BT.2020 wide colour space specification is supported in 4K mode. BT. 709 colour space is supported in 4K and HD modes. High dynamic range functionality is realised with the new Ikegami Log Gamma "iLog"

Compact, lightweight and userfriendly
The compact body, the low weight of 4,5 kg and the low center of gravity creates perfect balance with the adjustable shoulder pad when shooting on the shoulder. Additionally the viewfinder can be adjusted in three axis. The CCU-430 weighs only 18,5 kg and fit easily into OB van infrastructure with 3RU height.



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