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MOSCOW, BOOTH A55, NOVEMBER 19-21, 2014 - New and improved HD cameras for a variety of different production applications and a full line of new and established HD flat-panel LCD/OLED monitors and viewfinders in various sizes were among the many highlights of the NATEXPO 2014 exhibit by Ikegami Tsushinki Co.,Ltd, the world-leading manufacturer of advanced HD television cameras and production equipment for TV broadcasters, networks, and all other professional HD content creators.
Most highlighted new product is, HDK-97ARRI, a broadcast-style production camera with digital cinema characteristics.
Ikegami and ARRI, the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of professional motion picture camera, digital intermediate (DI) and lighting equipment, have jointly announced the availability of a pioneering new camera system: the HDK-97ARRI.

A powerful marriage of technology between two recognized industry leaders, the HDK-97ARRI is a broadcast-style production camera with digital cinema characteristics. In a significant development, the HDK-97ARRI makes it possible to employ a large format sensor in multiple camera operation. The result is a “best of both worlds” image acquisition system ideal for use in multi-camera studio and field applications, including conventional broadcast camera operation and classic video operator control of multiple cameras.
Broadcasters and content producers will benefit from the unprecedented combination of features in the HDK-97 ARRI, jointly developed by the highly experienced engineering teams of Ikegami and ARRI. Centered around ARRI’s Super 35mm CMOS sensor with its associated support circuitry, the system provides such cinematic qualities as natural color rendering, exceptional dynamic range, and progressive frame rates like 23.98p. Meanwhile, broadcast-grade distribution is enabled with the latest in Ikegami technology, via fiber transmission using up to 2 km SMPTE hybrid fiber/copper camera cable.

In Ikegami’s HD Unicam product lines, Ikegami has been boosting up HDK-79GX – the successor model of the best selling HDTV camera HDK-79EXIIIa. The new HDK-79GX features a newly developed, long-waited, digital triax transmission(DTA-55 and BST-55) while maintaining the HDK-79GX’s high quality picture, and also affordable Fiber transmission system(BSF-55).
The Ikegami HDK-55 is one of most affordable members of the Unicam HD camera series, and uses 1080i 2.3 mega-pixel AIT CCDs. New features include Quick EZ Focus and chromatic aberration correction. Like the other portable cameras in the Unicam HD series, the HDK-55 is a compact low-profile camera head with docking adaptors for fiber or triax cable use. New compact light weight fiber and triax base stations, the BSF-55 and BST-55, are introduced, providing overall economy to the HDK-55 and other camera models.
And also, Ikegami has just made the HDK-95C 2/3-inch Advanced CMOS HDTV camera system debut at NAT-2014, as a member of UnicamHD family.
Now, Ikegami high quality HDTV Studio/EFP/OB van camera system – Unicam HD series are HDK-97A (3G), HDK-55, HDK-79GX and HDK-95C.

Yet another major Ikegami camera introduction at NATEXPO-2014 is the NAC Ultra Slow Motion Camera Hi-Motion II - Super Slow-Mo HD camera, a cooperative development with NAC Image Technology, a world leader in the development and production of advanced imaging and motion-analysis systems. Designed to meet specialized HD super slow-motion production applications, the NAC Hi-Motion II system features a unique three-CMOS sensor camera head with built-in memory, delivering greater than ten-times-speed ("10x") for thrilling super-slow-motion playback of HD sports action. This dual format 1080i/720p camera features parallel live and replay feeds for use as both a "traditional" portable/field HD camera and Super Slow-Mo (or "X-MO") camera that can work side-by-side with other Ikegami HD cameras on sports trucks to deliver the visuals today's HD sports viewers demand. Hi-Motion II was playing an important role in the coverage of World Championship 2013 Moscow.

Also for HD sports applications, as well as POV camera traffic-and-weather applications is yet another innovative Ikegami HD camera for NATEXPO-2014: the HDL-45E "box"-style camera. This three-CCD 1080i camera features Ikegami's revolutionary new AVC (Automatic Video Level Control) and ATW (Auto Tracing White) image-processing features for advanced automatic camera control for low- and high-light outdoor image-capture environments. This sophisticated Ikegami AVC and ATW digital signal-processing technology controls the gain, shutter, and white balance of the HDL-45E to compensate for light level and color temperature changes. Digital extender, column adding, and frame-accumulation features provide enhanced detail, imaging sensitivity, and low-light performance benefits.
And also, HDL-23 Ultra-Compact HDTV camera system is exhibited.
Especially for this NATEXPO-2014, the HDL-45E is integrated into the PAN/TILT remote control system(in cooperation with Fujinon) at Ikegami booth.

Yet another Ikegami’s camera for special applications is the HDK-5500.
The HDK-5500 ultra low-light 3 CMOS HDTV camera is a docking style multi-format portable camera system, designed for use in day and night applications. It features three 2/3 inch 1.3M high speed multi-sampling CMOS sensors, with a minimum illumination of 0.001lux with 78dB gain up (at 50 frames per second). This portable camera shares the same fiber and triax adapters and base stations with the Unicam HD series, and is equally suited for shoulder and tripod-mounted applications. The HDK-5500 permits shooting with available illumination at night and in dark locations such as very dark audience areas without adding external lighting.  ( As a compact/lightweight version of the same camera, the HDL-4500 is available now in the market).
The HDL-4500 shares the same high sensitivity front end with the HDK-5500, but packaged as a compact one-piece box style camera for POV applications which require extremely low light operation at least some of the time. Full control of the camera is available using any of the Ikegami remote control panels. The HDL-4500 can serve as a traffic and weather camera operating in the full range of illumination from moonlight through sunlight.

HDK-5500 High Sensitivity Camera System with 0.001Lux.

In addition, Ikegami will have an advanced range of HD Flat-Panel LCD/OLED Monitors at the 2014 NAT-2014.
The newest member of the product line is the HLM-905WR 9-inch LCD monitor. This high-resolution compact monitor provides multi-format HD/SD SDI inputs, including two-channel 3G, and a one-channel analog composite input. It offers WFM and Vector displays, audio level monitoring, plus a USB connector for mouse control and file storage.

The "50 Series" multi format HD monitors provide wide critical viewing angles, built-in vector and waveform monitoring, and full 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. Ikegami’s "50" Series monitors include the HLM-3250W (32-inch), HLM-2450WB (24-inch), and HLM-1751WR (17-inch) models, all of which feature accurate color and gamma reproduction, embedded audio-level metering, time code reader display, and optional 3G-SDI inputs. At this NATEXPO-2013, please have a look at the high-quality picture of HLM-1751WR.

And also, Ikegami OLED Master Color Monitor series has made its debut at this NATEXPO-2014 – 25-inch Grade-1 OLED Color Monitor – HEM-2570W.
The HEM-2570W is the next generation grade-1 monitor with high performance OLED panel. The HEM series incorporate with various functions which ensures an ideal reference monitoring for a wide range of outside and studio production applications

For this year’s NATEXPO, not only camera system but also a very unique product having Ikegami video technology is exhibited. 60 GHz EHF HD-SDI Transmission system – the GL-60.
The GL-60 is utilizing EHF (Millimeterwave) band that delivers a lot of benefits:
Virtually interference-free, Unlicensed, Compact and light weight. The GL-60 can
transmit uncompressed HDTV signal over 100 – 500m without significant delay.

Last but not at least, this NAT-2014 will be Ikegami’s challenging exhibition, because Ikegami has just introduced 1/3-inch Advanced CMOS HDTV camera system for the first time – the model HC-HD300.

Ikegami has newly developed 1/3-inch 3CMOS HDTV camera HC-HD300 with the concept of “Broadcast quality” following the highest picture quality, functionality and reliability of Ikegami’s super broadcasting top end camera Unicam series. HC-HD300 will be suitable for the usage at satellite and cable television presentation studios. Independent program-making and training studios and so on.
HC-HD300 employs the high-performance 1/3-inch full HD Advanced CMOS Sensor which delivers the high quality pictures, achieving F10 (60Hz) /F11 (50Hz) 2000 lx and 58dB SNR. Newly developed fiber Adaptor (FA-300) and Base Station (BSF-300) will offer the high quality as cost effective HDTV camera system in many different places and varieties of use in Studio and OB application etc.

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