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Millimeter Wave Band HD Video Transmission System

Uncompressed HD-SDI transmission, zero degradation, zero delay
Utilizing license-free spectrum, allowing for anyone to use
Best suited to applications where cabling is not an option:
Links in stadiums
Links crossing obstacles such as over roads, rivers, railroads, etc.
Links to an OB van from buildings
Links in onsite events
HD surveillance / high-elevation camera video transport system
Available in single and dual direction systems supporting various applications
Low power consumption (DC12V, 5 to 6W). Allowing battery operation
100m (328 ft)transport distance w/standard antenna, 500m (1,640 ft) using a high-gain antenna

[ Specification ]

Carrier Frequency: 1-ch in the 57 to 66 GHz spectrum
Transmission Power: 10mW (max.)
Interface Signal: HD-SDI (1.5Gbps, audio embedded)

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