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14bit Digital Portable Camera

The HL-65W incorporates 14bit A/D converters to maximize the color gradation and detail for the darker parts of the picture, and to provide greater quantization for dynamic range and signal-to-noise headroom.
The Knee Expand circuit applied in the first stage of the digital process ASIC, restores color difference in the knee circuit resulting in improved color saturation in highlights, Super Color Knee. 600% linear processing is possible in the subsequent digital process stages, greatly improving functions such as Knee and Flare.




The camera provides outstanding picture quality with a low smear level of -135dB and an excellent signal-tonoise ratio of 68dB, thanks to newly developed AIT(Advanced Interline Transfer) CCDs and new 14bit A/D conversion circuit.

The camera has a well balanced design with low profile for stable on-shoulder work. It is possible to see over the camera eliminating the blind side view.The shoulder pad is made of non-slip material, and camera weight is only 2.3kg (5.1 lbs.), excluding VF and TA.

There is a variety of peripherals available such as camera adapters, base stations, system expander, and control panels.This allows operators to flexibly configure the system for studio or field production applications.

A variety of sophisticated DTL functions including New Skin DTL, New Slim DTL, Soft DTL, Diagonal DTL,Clear VF DTL, as well as extensive features such as Custom Color Effect, Super Knee, Adaptive Auto Knee,etc. are incorporated for exceptional picture image and enhanced ease of operation.

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